It’s corona time !

wup let’s go

Being stuck at home is a bummer, but i’m trying to be actively more productive every day. Come along with me on my on my favourite rocket ship, flying through the sky, little Einstein !

Latest from the corona diaries

day sixteen.

april 29, 2020 I spent my whole morning taking photos on film with my camera, I borrowed my brothers canon ae-1 program and plan to go hiking tomorrow with a few friends and take some photos. I’m planning on buying myself a canon ae-1 program just like his since it was so simple and easyContinue reading “day sixteen.”

day fifteen.

april 28, 2020 Today I was going to change the outfits I bought and kind of modify the clothes to more of my liking. I plucked the threads out of my corduroy jacket to remove the weird plastic label from the back. I also cropped my long sweater to make it look like a betterContinue reading “day fifteen.”

day fourteen.

april 27, 2020 I went thrift shopping for some clothes because I felt extra nifty today and actually am really happy with what I got, I bought a corduroy-fur jacket that I’m planning to wear in university (if I even go 😦 fork), I also bought a long sweater which I’m planning to crop.

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